HR is Mission Critical - Especially During Times of Crisis

You have heard business leaders say over and over again that people are their number one asset. So much so that it has almost become a cliche. Using words to convey how important employees are to the success of a business doesn’t mean much unless employees feel valued, seen, and heard.

During times of crisis - and let’s face it, there’s a lot of it going on this year - the rubber meets the road. If leadership is not able to put meaningful actions behind the nice words, employees will quickly and loudly call it out.

But what do those actions look like and where to start? One minute we’re chugging happily along with our best laid plans and the next, employees are saying they need more and they need it now. Employees look to company leaders for the “more”. And in turn, company leaders look to HR.

And what does HR do? We step up. We get creative. We get resourceful. And we make sure that through partnership with company leaders, employees know we hear them, we see them, and we value them.

Over the past six months the Growth Operators Human Resources team has been honored to provide guidance to our clients during times of crisis. We have helped our clients respond to a worldwide pandemic, civil unrest and a cry for meaningful systemic change, furloughs, layoffs and even in some cases, unprecedented growth due to market demands.

We are experts in supporting businesses and their employees during times of great change. Find out more about how we can help you. Contact me at or 651.295.1335.