Why Every Mid-Market Company Needs a Global Market Strategy

Leveraging Global Market Trends for Competitive Advantage

In an era where globalization has intertwined markets more closely than ever before. This makes it increasingly important for companies of all sizes, not just big enterprises, to monitor global markets. The impacts of global markets have permeated into the operational strategies of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), middle-market companies, and private equity (PE) firms. You’ve probably felt this, but how have you responded?

As of 2011, there are approximately 200,000 middle-market companies – those with $10 million to $1 billion in annual revenue – which account for 30 million jobs in the U.S. According to the National Center for the Middle Market’s indicator, these mid-market companies have grown at an annual rate of 6.5 percent. By comparison, the S&P 500 grew by 3.6 percent over the same period.

Companies of all sizes have choices to make about how they’ll grow. Will they expand their territories? Find entirely new markets to apply existing products and services? Launch completely new products and services? Middle-market companies have the advantage of agility when it comes to visualizing and pursuing their business’ future. The key is being well-informed and strategic about not only mitigating risks but also taking them.

This article highlights the significance of a global market outlook and how companies can leverage a greater awareness to their advantage.

The Significance of Global Market Trends

Middle-market companies are the backbone of the U.S. economy. However, it's a common misconception among mid-market CEOs and PE firms that the ebbs and flows of global markets don’t impact their business. This notion couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is that global markets exert a profound impact on companies of all sizes in the form of:

  • Geopolitical tensions

  • Cultural economics

  • Environmental issues

  • Global health concerns

The interconnectedness of economies means that shifts in one region can ripple through the global economy, affecting even the smallest players. Understanding how these factors can impact business operations, both positively and negatively, is crucial. Oversight can leave companies vulnerable to unforeseen global shocks, as illustrated in the past several years. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of understanding global supply chains, geopolitical dynamics and international health crises.

4 Benefits of Dedicated Global Market Insight

While tracking global markets may seem daunting, partnering with the right professionals can provide invaluable insights. From mitigating forecasted risks to recruiting talent, global market awareness can give companies a leg up. Here are four key areas where a clear understanding of global markets can give your organization a competitive edge:

1. Uncovering Opportunities for Expansion

Global market awareness opens the door to identifying untapped markets and trends beyond local or national borders. By understanding the economic, cultural and business dynamics of different regions, companies can tailor their products or services to meet the specific needs and preferences of these markets.

For example, a product that is saturating the domestic market might find a new lease on life in an overseas market that is just discovering its benefits. This strategic insight allows companies to diversify their revenue streams and reduce dependence on their domestic markets.

2. Navigating Inflation and Supply Constraints

Unfortunately, inflation and supply chain disruptions in one part of the globe can have cascading effects worldwide. Global market awareness enables companies to anticipate these challenges and pivot ahead of catastrophe. By having a broad understanding of global economic indicators, firms can forecast inflationary trends and secure alternative sources of raw materials before supply constraints become critical. This proactive approach can lead to cost savings, ensure continuity of operations and prevent stockouts of products crucial to maintaining market share.

3. Gaining a Competitive Edge in Talent Acquisition

As companies strive to innovate and grow, the need for diverse expertise and skilled talent has never been more prevalent. Global markets can inform a company's talent acquisition strategy and highlight regions where the talent pool aligns with the company's technological and business needs. If we look beyond the ‘current’ understanding of desirable skills, we can begin to hypothesize about what might drive future readiness and apply a forward-looking lens when making talent decisions. Furthermore, understanding the nuances of global labor markets can help firms create more attractive offerings for potential recruits.

This approach to talent acquisition not only fills critical roles within the company but also fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace culture that drives innovation and creative problem-solving.

4. Managing Risks Through Strategic Foresight

One of the most tangible benefits of global market awareness is the ability to foresee and navigate risks that could disrupt business operations. This foresight encompasses everything from geopolitical tensions that might impact supply chains to regulatory changes in foreign markets that affect export and import conditions. By staying informed of these global dynamics, companies can develop contingency plans. This is where a dedicated market analyst who is attuned to your goals can turn a challenge into an opportunity.

Discover New Opportunities or Identify Hidden Risks

Since the world has emerged from the pandemic, new opportunities are available for businesses attuned to global market dynamics. Now more than ever, understanding these dynamics is a source of strategic advantage.

Given the stakes, companies and firms should have at least one individual whose role includes monitoring global market trends and predicting potential impacts on the company's operations. This position is not merely about warding off threats but also about identifying opportunities in a timely fashion. By strategically addressing your company's unique risks and using the tools, resources, and methodologies available through partners such as Growth Operators, you reduce the burden on your executive team. More readily, you minimize risk and transform your organization with actionable insights for greater and deliberative success.

The professional advisors at Growth Operators make it their business to understand the effects of global financial markets, economic trends and the impacts they have on mid-market and investor held companies. Our Growth Pros can offer a global perspective necessary to navigate current markets to effectively provide a tailored analysis to connect the dots and leverage global trends to your advantage.

Globalize Your Business

Market globalization isn’t slowing down. To remain industry relevant and financially solvent, you need a clear understanding of the global trends that impact your business. Contact Growth Operators today to start gleaning the insight and guidance necessary to navigate business in a globalizing world ensuring you are always a step ahead.