Ready for Mid-Year Financial Reporting?

July 2023 is fast approaching and that means mid-year finance and accounting reports should be well under way at your company. If they aren’t, or like many CEOs, CFOs and PE Sponsors, you find yourself shorthanded and losing sleep at night, consider interim or fractional finance and accounting executives. This combination of expertise and flexibility solves many organizations’ immediate needs quickly and effectively.

Here, we uncover some of the pain points a fractional or interim Finance or Accounting professional can solve for your business.

Interim or Fractional Finance and Accounting professionals work onsite, remotely or in a hybrid workplace to provide leadership, or fill needed gaps in expertise to help companies quickly catch up and meet those deadlines – accurately and efficiently. When you have C-Level talent gaps, you need them filled fast with true expertise and leadership. Fractional CFOs provide the leadership to ensure a proper financial foundation is in place and then can help focus the organization on growth objectives and how to get there.

These fractional professionals range from CFOs to experienced staff accountants and all levels in between. They arrive ready to jump in and make an impact immediately, from cash flow management to compliance and risk management. Don’t have a monthly reporting package let alone a mid-year reporting format? No worries. Structuring your finance reporting internally, externally or for your Board are challenges these individuals solve every day.

A true fractional finance or accounting partner works side-by-side with your team to deliver the appropriate reporting packages you need and can manage a variety of other finance and accounting areas you might be missing including:

  • Q of E review and clean up
  • Bank covenant and BBC reporting
  • Audit readiness
  • GAAP complaint (ASC 606, 842, cash to accrual, etc.)
  • Treasury management and bank set up
  • FP&A dashboard reporting & KPIs
  • Contingent payout management & reporting
  • Budget review and preparation

Look for experienced Finance and Accounting teams who cannot only jump in to fill gaps and accelerate workflow, but can also quickly identify additional financial gaps to fill, offering process development and approaches your organization can take to get back on track. They also will make recommendations on organizational structure, processes, and implement if desired. You can also tap into their networks and have them help backfill their positions once the business is stabilized.

One final benefit of working with a Fractional or Interim Finance or Accounting Professional is cost savings. You receive all of the knowledge of a proven professional without the salary & benefits of a full-time employee. Many organizations opt to remain working with their fractional teams for multiple years, given this bottom-line benefit.

At Growth Operators, we’ve been providing fractional Finance and Accounting Pros services to PE sponsors since 2010. To learn more about how we might approach closing current gaps in and accelerating growth for your business email us at or give us a call at 952-400-1440.