Board for nonprofit seeks fresh start for HR department after turnover.


After experiencing turnover in management, the Board for a non-profit wanted a transformation for the HR department. The catalyst for this massive reset is the nextLEVEL® Value Creation Plan. Our team was already engaged to manage the day-to-day activities in the interim so performing the assessment made a lot of business sense to the Board.


Using the framework of our nextLEVEL® Value Creation Plan, the engagement team conducted a deep dive into understanding the disconnect between the current processes, systems, and functions to the best practices for human resources. Our Growth Pros were able to spot the areas that were causing concerns and performed the following:

  • Review of all aspects of processes involved with human resources, including compliance
  • Prepared a detailed analysis of areas of weakness compared to human resources best practices for the size of the organization
  • Presented to management and the Board a scorecard of the findings and provided actionable and pragmatic solutions
  • Provided a phased approach of implementation to the prioritized recommendations


  • The results of the nextLEVEL® Value Creation Plan scorecard, recommendations, and phased timeline was presented to management and the Board. The phase approach made a roadmap of actions to take.
  • Part of the methodology of the nextLEVEL® Value Creation Plan is to identify action steps for immediate and the long-term phases of the business. For example, for this client the immediate recommendations included performance management, org structure, recruiting, onboarding, and compliance needs. Long-term needs identified included training, career paths, and strategic workforce planning.
  • The Board was able to decide which parts of the solution management should own and where Growth Pros should be engaged in a timeframe that made sense for them.

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