Engineering a scalable HR department for a construction business.


A private equity sponsored construction services firm had ambitious growth plans. Their under-developed Human Resources capabilities, however, were holding them back. To add further complexity, their senior HR executive decided to leave the company. With a potential acquisition in the works, they needed help fast.


The company engaged Growth Operators to assess the quality of the Human Resources function using our nextLEVEL® Value Creation Plan framework. At the same time, they needed to fill the shoes of their outgoing HR executive. They engaged Growth Operators and one of our Growth Pros stepped in as an Interim CHRO for the company to not only assess the HR function, but to lead it as well.

  • Performed a nextLEVEL® Value Creation Plan assessment on the HR function to build a work-plan to address the most urgent and impactful transformation opportunities first.
  • Led the HR due diligence for an add-on acquisition
  • Partnered with the executive team on workforce planning and implemented the plan
  • Oversaw all elements of the HR/ Payroll function
  • Led the implementation of the company’s first 401(k) program
  • Partnered with the internal team to revamp and evolve employee recruiting and identify outside recruiting partners
  • Led the implementation of the company’s first applicant tracking system
  • Optimized the existing HRIS platform and developed a roadmap for further enhancements
  • Managed enhancements to the labor tracking system to better meet business needs
  • Led the company’s safety program and partnered with senior managers to revamp several core safety and human resources policies
  • Advised the company on COVID-19 related employee matters
  • Coached and mentored the HR team
  • Successfully transitioned role to a full-time Human Resources executive


The company knew it needed to fix a flat tire while still driving down the road. Some firms specialize in HR transformation. Others specialize in HR outsourcing. Because they engaged Growth Operators, this company got both. Our Growth Pro developed a Human Resources Transformation Plan for the company and implemented the most urgent elements of that plan. At the same time, she led the company’s HR team as their interim CHRO and handled the HR due diligence and integration for an add-on acquisition.

While that sounds like a lot, we believe it’s what our clients expect of us. At Growth Operators, we’re all former executives and managers who did real work for real companies. And we know that when a client needs HR transformation, the rest of the HR work doesn’t slow down. We know how to fix a flat tire while the car chugs along at full speed. We’ve been there.

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