Marketing Technology Company Needed Immediate HR Leadership


A national marketing technology company faced a critical challenge. When its top human resources leader departed the company, Growth Operators was their first call. They needed someone who could step in to lead the human resources function quickly and keep all the priorities moving forward without missing a beat.

Growth Operators swiftly stepped in, leveraging their nextLEVEL value creation framework to assess the current state of HR, and partnered with the leadership team to drive talent priorities aligned with the annual business plan. Our strategic efforts aligned human capital activities with the business plan and:

  • Reduced turnover by 7% within a year.
  • Boosted employee engagement scores by 25%over three quarters.
  • Successfully hired and onboarded a new HR leader.


    Upon engaging with the national marketing technology company, Growth Operators immediately implemented their proprietary nextLEVEL value creation framework to thoroughly assess the current state of the company's HR function. They joined the Leadership Team to develop and execute talent priorities that aligned with the annual business plan.

    • Leveraged the nextLEVEL value creation framework to assess the current state of the HR function.
    • Participated as a member of the Leadership Team who was responsible for developing and executing the talent priorities including recognition programs, enhanced benefit offerings, compensation programs, diversity, equity & inclusion council, and manager development.
    • Provided managerial oversight for the current HR team members and ensured HR processes were delivered effectively and efficiently, including talent acquisition, compensation, training and development, payroll, and benefits.
    • Managed HR third-party vendors to meet the needs of the company and ensure cost-effectiveness.
    • Updated employee handbook and completed all compliance-related activities.


Growth Operators' strategic intervention significantly improved the company's HR function. By aligning human capital activities with the annual business plan, we reduced employee turnover by 7 percentage points within 12 months and boosted employee engagement scores by 25 percentage points over three quarters. Growth Operators ensured the effective delivery of HR processes, managed third-party vendors for cost-effectiveness, and completed compliance activities. Additionally, we successfully hired and onboarded a new HR leader, ensuring a seamless transition and continuity in HR leadership.

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