Chelsie Tilkens

Senior Associate


Chelsie is an experienced Human Resources professional who is passionate about developing and implementing strong HR processes and initiatives to ensure positive employee experiences. With a generalist background, she has experience not only across most HR functions, but also in managing large ad hoc projects, such as HRIS implementations. She enjoys leveraging her talents as both a strategic partner as well as a hands-on contributor to best serve the HR needs of her clients.

Areas of Expertise

Human Resources Administration

While today’s Human Resources Professionals need to be strategic and understand the larger goals of the client’s business, some aspects of Human Resources are still a nitty-gritty, detail-oriented job. I am always excited to learn about organizations, their business models, and long-term visions, but I truly enjoy seeing how my work in the day to day of HR Administration fits into the larger picture. I execute HR Administration with accuracy and efficiency to directly support the smoot operations of the business.

Employee Experience

Within an HR role, I have the privilege of interacting with every single employee in an organization. I am energized by building relationships and making connections. Whether I am onboarding a new hire, or going through an employment separation, for me it is most important that the employee feels like they are provided with the information they need and that their interaction with Human Resources is a positive experience.

Process Improvement

Nothing can sink employee morale faster than hearing, “We’re waiting on HR.” Having efficient processes and procedures within Human Resources is imperative to building trust and confidence in the department. I enjoy evaluating processes and offering solutions to make everyone’s job easier.

Software Implementations

Working within organizations that experienced rapid growth, scalable technology was key to maintaining smooth business processes. The market is full of exciting and cost-effective software options for growing businesses, and there are advantages to knowing when best to transition old processes to new technologies. I enjoy bringing perspectives around implementation and training in technology to help the business achieve its goals.

Industry Experience

  • Software
  • Government
  • Education
  • Professional Services


  • Collaborative
  • Organized
  • Self-Starter
  • Relationship Builder


Human Resources

tap QA

College Coach

College Possible/ AmeriCorps

HR Assistant

Stream Global Services


BA, History

University of Minnesota

MA, History

University of Delaware


Professional in Human Resources





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