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For over 30 years David has integrated his finance experience into operational strategies and performance improvement. As a public company CFO, he effectively managed through strong controls and process, while gaining a significant amount of transaction experience; including having a strategic role in the sale of the business. He’s a multi-disciplinary CFO with a broad perspective, having held the CIO role and managed sales in a high growth business. David has played key roles in growing a business from $50 million in revenues to over $700 million. He enjoys understanding the fundamental value proposition of a business and partnering with the CEO and their team to develop and implement strategies to maximize it.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic & Financial Planning

I enjoy being part of a team establishing and implementing strategies to drive business success. I value a highly open and collaborative process and am driven to fundamental understanding of the issues and opportunities. My operational experience in IT and sales and the broad business experience that provides help make me a better CFO. I have experience in strategic negotiations with very large electronics companies including new business ventures and leading-edge new products.

Performance Management

I have significant experience in managing in a high growth environment as well as process optimization to improve profitability. I have led the development of timely operational reporting with financial impacts to help the business leaders manage more effectively and have done this by primarily using the existing key operating data. Providing business managers the operating and finance information to manage existing operations effectively allows executives more time to identify/implement new opportunities to grow the business.


Significant experience in bank financing, secured and unsecured public debt as well as equity and equity related financings. Strong relationships with numerous banks, investment banks, and investors.


As a key partner to the CEO, I enjoy playing a leading role in helping to communicate and drive the strategic plan. I believe in and demonstrate the importance of an engaged collaborative team and work to have open, direct relationships with the other leaders. Help others to succeed by providing strong financial logic to the business and their piece of it. Take on tough issues openly and with professional logic-based discussions.

Industry Experience

  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare
  • SaaS and Software


  • Strategy and Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Operational Experience
  • Initiative
  • Creative Thinker
  • Persistent


Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Hutchinson Technology, Inc

Accounting Manager

CyCare Systems

Senior Auditor

Peat Marwick


BA, Economics and Accounting

Augustana College





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