Kari Anderson



With over 19 years of experience in varying industries, Kari consistently and efficiently delivers transformational results that leadership seeks. She is organically driven to partner with multi-layer organizations utilizing key past and current learnings to implement effective business processes through root-cause problem-solving, long-term planning in budgeting/forecasting efficacy or in everyday operations finance and accounting practices. Kari is a strategic thinker and is passionate about driving results.

Areas of Expertise

Operations Finance & Accounting

In my career, I have naturally been drawn to Operations Finance and Accounting – not just in the sense of physical manufacturing operations; but operations as it pertains to breaking down processes and putting the best pieces of the puzzle back together. In addition to collaboratively discovering the most strategic puzzle pieces along the way, being able to work with a cross-functional team and how their perspective personalities fit into the process are compelling to me.

Master Data Management

I believe master data is a highly valued asset within any organization – "Garbage in, Garbage out"…. we have all heard the saying, and I can honestly say I appreciate being in the "garbage". I have always thrived on master data clarification, definition, and communication. Whether I was involved in a system roll-out, process improvement or KPI data analytics, having a concise understanding of master data for an organization was key to the success of the activity. Experience has taught me that the more time and effort spent up-front gathering and confirming data will make better, faster decisions in the end.

Data Analytics & Reporting-out

Budgeting, forecasting, month-end management reporting, closing of the books – all of these activities require tight data analytics and clearly communicated data. Asking the "why" behind the report or data request and knowing the audience is KEY for level of detail and lane of communication. I believe having that understanding makes for efficiencies, and we all know time = money! I love being able to tell a financial story through data and its assumptions, along with the accounting (yes, even journal entries) and methodology behind systems used.

Industry Experience

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Co-Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Telecom


  • Clear Communicator
  • Problem Solver
  • Empowering
  • Critical Thinker
  • Consistent
  • Organized


Director of Operations Finance


Sr. Operations Finance Manager


Operations Finance Manager


Sr. Financial Analyst



BS, Accounting

Winona State University





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