Stacey Schmitt



It was twenty years ago when Stacey discovered her love for all things business. She was in a room full of investment bankers, attorneys, and business owners. They were looking to her to answer their financial and operational questions that led the PwC client to turn a 200+ company consolidation into a multi-IPO spinoff. Stacey believes that in order to communicate a financial story, you must have an extensive understanding of the business operations. It’s what allows leaders like her to champion cross-functional teams in due diligence, acquisition integration, strategic planning, and finance. As a CFO and COO in public and privately held companies, she has analyzed every aspect of business to produce profitable growth and increase company value.

Areas of Expertise


Financial statements are a map of every operational move a company makes. I have helped clients save millions of dollars by improving how they manufacture a product, partner with vendors, embrace quality, implement new sales strategies and ensure the right people are in the right seats.

Process Improvement

An inefficient process drains resources. Sometimes all it takes is a minor change in accountability or it might involve a new system implementation. Either way, I identify and prioritize process improvements to help your teams work smarter, not harder

Financing and Cash Management

Cash is king. Whether you need debt or equity financing for future growth or secure credit facilities to support operational needs, I’ve got you covered. I set my clients up with a strong cash flow model to allow for proactive cash planning whether there is excess or a shortfall. I bring the financial modeling that allows for visibility and informed decision making.

Acquisition Integration

Integrating acquired companies is one of my favorite things. I mentor the accounting, finance and operations teams, taking the best practices from both companies and executing on the growth plans. I’ve performed due diligence and managed integration plans on both the buy and sell side.

Industry Experience

  • Food and Beverage
  • Distribution
  • Technology
  • Market Research
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services


  • Team Player
  • Problem Solver
  • Analytical
  • Objective
  • Strategic and Tactical
  • Fun


Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

ASPIRE Beverage Company

VP of Service Delivery and CFO

Vocal Laboratories Inc.

Director of Finance

Q Logic

Audit Senior / M&A



BBA, Accounting

University of Wisconsin -Eau Claire





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