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Trenton is a Human Resources professional who is passionate about being what is in the title of HR – a resource for employees and the organization. With experience as a HR Generalist in a non-profit setting and working as an event manager for one of the largest Security Companies in North America, Trenton has gained valuable experience and knowledge across many high-pressure situations and HR functions. Trenton is excited and motivated to help best serve the client in any HR capacity needed.

Areas of Expertise

Benefits Administration and Strategy

Choosing the right benefits can help recruit and retain high-level employees to accomplish corporate goals and grow an organization. I am passionate about working with management to find the right benefits that can be offered not only to improve morale and retention but also help the organization grow and further develop.

Recruitment Strategies

Talent Acquisition is not just about filling a vacancy but also helping to build and grow an organization. This means an organization needs to have all the correct pieces in the hiring process including sourcing, evaluating skills, recruiting talent, and onboarding. I have experience creating and revamping recruitment strategies geared towards top talent and company values.

Onboarding Development

When a new employee receives a great welcome from current employees, a clear understanding of their job responsibilities, and a clear vision of the organization’s mission and goals, they will buy in and push their role to higher limits. I love being part of onboarding strategies to get a better understanding of not only the company but also any feedback current employees may have and what improvements can be made.

Human Resources Project Management

I’ve had to help rebuild the HR functions from the ground up. Modernizing the employee handbook, reevaluating time off procedures, and more. With multiple HR projects happening at once items can fall between the cracks. With my skillset, I have the confidence and track record of staying on top of it and accomplishing the company goals and ensuring a successful transition.

Industry Experience

  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Benefits Administration
  • HR Compliance
  • Policy Review
  • Employee Relations
  • Performance Management


  • Relationship Building
  • Research & Review
  • Efficiency
  • Positivity
  • Collaboration


HR Generalist


Account Manager - Allianz Field

Whelan Event Staffing Services


BA, Public Administration w/Emphasis in Human Resources

University of Northern Iowa





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